Dont Drop Data

Always keep in mind that Android is a mobile platform. It may seem obvious to say it, but it's important to remember that another Activity (such as the "Incoming Phone Call" app) can pop up over your own Activity at any moment. This will fire the onSaveInstanceState() and onPause() methods, and will likely result in your application being killed.

If the user was editing data in your application when the other Activity appeared, your application will likely lose that data when your application is killed. Unless, of course, you save the work in progress first. The "Android Way" is to do just that: Android applications that accept or edit input should override the onSaveInstanceState() method and save their state in some appropriate fashion. When the user revisits the application, she should be able to retrieve her data.

A classic example of a good use of this behavior is a mail application. If the user was composing an email when another Activity started up, the application should save the in-process email as a draft.

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