Do Conserve the Device Battery

A mobile device isn't very mobile if it's constantly plugged into the wall. Mobile devices are battery-powered, and the longer we can make that battery last on a charge, the happier everyone is — especially the user. Two of the biggest consumers of battery power are the processor, and the radio; that's why it's important to write your applications to do as little work as possible, and use the network as infrequently as possible.

Minimizing the amount of processor time your application uses really comes down to writing efficient code. To minimize the power drain from using the radio, be sure to handle error conditions gracefully, and only fetch what you need. For example, don't constantly retry a network operation if one failed. If it failed once, it's likely because the user has no reception, so it's probably going to fail again if you try right away; all you'll do is waste battery power.

Users are pretty smart: if your program is power-hungry, you can count on them noticing. The only thing you can be sure of at that point is that your program won't stay installed very long.

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