Dim or hide menu items that are not available in the current context

Sometimes a menu item's action cannot be performed — for example, the "Forward" button in a browser cannot work until after the "Back" button has been pressed. We recommend:

• In Options menu - disable the menu item, which dims the text and icon, turning it gray. This applies to menu items in both the icon menu and the "More" menu. It would be disorienting for the icon menu to change from 6 items to 5 items, and we treat the "More" menu the same way.

• In Context menu - hide the menu item. This makes the menu shorter so the user sees only available choices (which also reduces any scrolling).

contact "Joan of Arc", put that name in the title of the Context menu (using setHeaderTitle). Likewise, a command to edit the contact should be called "Edit contact", not just "Edit".

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