Designing a Remote Interface Using AIDL

Since each application runs in its own process, and you can write a service that runs in a different process from your Application's UI, sometimes you need to pass objects between processes. On the Android platform, one process can not normally access the memory of another process. So to talk, they need to decompose their objects into primitives that the operating system can understand, and "marshall" the object across that boundary for you.

The code to do that marshalling is tedious to write, so we provide the AIDL tool to do it for you.

AIDL (Android Interface Definition Language) is an IDL language used to generate code that enables two processes on an Android-powered device to talk using interprocess communication (IPC). If you have code in one process (for example, in an Activity) that needs to call methods on an object in another process (for example, a Service), you would use AIDL to generate code to marshall the parameters.

The AIDL IPC mechanism is interface-based, similar to COM or Corba, but lighter weight. It uses a proxy class to pass values between the client and the implementation.

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