Creating an AVD

The Android SDK does not include any preconfigured AVDs, so you need to create an AVD before you can run any application in the emulator (even the Hello World application).

To create an AVD, you use the android tool, a command-line utility available in the <sdk>/tools/ directory. Managing AVDs is one

I of the two main function of the android tool (the other is creating and updating Android projects). Open a terminal window and change to

34 the<sdk>/tools/ directory, if needed

To create each AVD, you issue the command android create avd, with options that specify a name for the new AVD and the system image you want to run on the emulator when the AVD is invoked. You can specify other options on the command line also, such as to create an emulated SD card for the new AVD, set the emulator skin to use, or set a custom location for the AVD's files.

Here's the command-line usage for creating an AVD:

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