Context Menu

A Context menu is similar to a right-click context menu in a desktop I

operating system. It is normally a shortcut that duplicates commands found elsewhere.

A user can touch & hold on content on the screen to access a Context menu (if one exists), as shown in the screenshot below. A Context menu is a list of menu items (commands) that can operate on the selected content. The command can either be part of the current activity, or the system can pass the selected content along to an operation in another activity (by way of an intent).

For example, in an email message list, a user can touch & hold on an email message to open a Context menu containing commands to read, archive, or delete the message.

A user can also touch & hold a location on the screen to access a Context menu. An example is when the user does touch & hold on a blank spot on the Home screen, a Context menu appears; selecting an item from that menu inserts an icon at that location.

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