Click on the project and select Android Tools Fix Project Properties

Open the Notepadv2 project and take a look around:

• Open and look at the strings .xml file under res/values — there are several new strings which we will use for our new functionality

• Also, open and take a look at the top of the Notepadv2 class, you will notice several new constants have been defined along with a new mNotesCursor field used to hold the cursor we are using.

• Note also that the fillData() method has a few more comments and now uses the new field to store the notes Cursor. The onCreate() method is unchanged from the first exercise. Also notice that the member field used to store the notes Cursor is now called mNotesCursor. The m denotes a member field and is part of the Android coding style standards.

• There are also a couple of new overridden methods

(onCreateContextMenu(),onContextItemSelected() , onListItemClick() and onActivityResu lt()) which we will be filling in below.

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