Whether or not the Instrumentation class should run as a functional test — "true" if it should, and "false" if not. The default value is



Whether or not the Instrumentation object will turn profiling on and off — "true" if it determines when profiling starts and stops, and "false" if profiling continues the entire time it is running. A value of "true" enables the object to target profiling at a specific set of operations. The default value is "false".


An icon that represents the Instrumentation class. This attribute must be set as a reference to a drawable resource.


A user-readable label for the Instrumentation class. The label can be set as a raw string or a reference to a string resource. android:name

The name of the Instrumentation subclass. This should be a fully qualified class name (such as,

"com.example.project.StringInstrumentation"). However, as a shorthand, if the first character of the name is a period, it is appended to the package name specified in the <manifest> element.

There is no default. The name must be specified. introduced in: API Level 1


The application that the Instrumentation object will run against. An application is identified by the package name assigned in its manifest file by the <manifest> element.

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