Attaching a Debugger to Your Application

This section describes how to display debug information on the screen (such as CPU usage), as well as how to hook up your IDE to debug running applications on the emulator.

Attaching a debugger is automated using the Eclipse plugin, but you can configure other IDEs to listen on a debugging port to receive debugging information:

1. Start the Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS) tool, which acts as a port forwarding service between your IDE and the emulator.

2. Set optional debugging configurations on your emulator, such as blocking application startup for an Activity until a debugger is attached. Note that many of these debugging options can be used without DDMS, such as displaying CPU usage or screen refresh rate on the emulator.

3. Configure your IDE to attach to port 8700 for debugging. Read about Configuring Your IDE to Attach to the Debugging Port.

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