App Versioning for Android

If you are using this SDK to build an application that is compatible only with Android-powered devices running the Android 1.1 platform, please note that you must set the the android:minSdkVersion attribute in the application's manifest to the API Level of Android 1.1 — "2".

If you are using Windows and want to develop or test your application on an Android-powered device (such as the T-Mobile G1), you need an appropriate USB driver. For your convenience, the Windows version of the Android SDK includes these USB drivers that you can install, to let you develop on the device:

• USB driver for 32-bit XP and Vista

• USB driver for 64-bit Vista only

Specifically, you specify the android:minSdkVersion attribute in a <uses-sdk> element as a child of <manifest> in the manifest file. When set, the attribute looks like this:

0 0

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