Android move avd n [

The options for this command are listed in Command-line options for AVDs at the bottom of this page. Updating an AVD

If, for any reason, the platform/add-on root folder has its name changed (maybe because the user has installed an update of the platform/add-on) then the AVD will not be able to load the system image that it is mapped to. In this case, the android list targets command will produce this output:

The following Android Virtual


could not be


Name: foo

Path: <path>/.android/avd/foo


Error: Invalid value in image


Run 'android

update avd -n foo'

To fix this error, use the android update avd command to recompute the path to the system images. Deleting an AVD

You can use the android tool to delete an AVD. Here is the command usage:

0 0

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