Android 10 SDK Release

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This SDK release includes the Android 1.0 platform and application API. Applications developed on this SDK will be compatible with mobile devices running the Android 1.0 platform.

This release includes mainly bug fixes, although some smaller features were added.

MapView is a class that lets you easily integrate Google Maps into your application. Before you can access the maps data, you will need to register with the Google Maps service and receive a Maps API Key, which you then add to your MapView for authentication to the server.

Developers should note that the registration service for MapView is now active and Google Maps is actively enforcing the Maps API Key requirement. For information about how to register for a Maps API Key, see

USB Driver for Windows

If you using Windows and want to develop or test your application on an Android-powered device (such as the T-Mobile G1), you need an appropriate USB driver. For your convenience, the Windows version of the Android SDK includes a USB driver that you can install, to let you develop on the device. The USB driver files are located in the directory.

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