Android 10 SDK Release

This SDK release is the first to include the Android 1.0 platform and application API. Applications developed on this SDK will be compatible with mobile devices running the Android 1.0 platform, when such devices are available.

If you're installing the Android SDK for the first time, please see the instructions in Installing the SDK.

Other Notes MapView API Key

MapView is a class that lets you easily integrate Google Maps into your application. Before you can access the maps data, you will need to register with the Google Maps service and receive a Maps API Key, which you then add to your MapView for authentication to the server.

Currently, the registration service for MapView is not yet active and Google Maps is not yet enforcing the Maps API Key requirement. However, note that the registration service will be activated soon, so that MapViews in any application deployed to a mobile device will require registration and a valid Maps API Key.

As soon as the registration service becomes available, we will update the page at with details about how and where to register. Please check that page periodically for registration information, if you are using a MapView.

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