[echo Packaging binsamplesdebugapk and signing it with a debug key [exec Debug Certificate expired on 8408 343 PM

In Eclipse/ADT, you will see a similar error in the Android console.

To fix this problem, simply delete the debug.keystore file. The default storage location for AVDs is in ~/.android/avd on OS X and Linux, in C: \Documents and Settings\\.android\on Windows XP, and in C:\Users\\.android\ on Windows Vista.

The next time you build, the build tools will regenerate a new keystore and debug key.

Note that, if your development machine is using a non-Gregorian locale, the build tools may erroneously generate an already-expired debug certificate, so that you get an error when trying to compile your application. For workaround information, see the troubleshooting topic I can't compile my app because the build tools generated an expired debug certificate.

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